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General Motors 6.2L/6.5L & Duramax Light-Truck Diesel Engines

The Diesel Page is a member-supported web based magazine and enthusiast group, which focuses on all model-years of the General Motors light-truck 6.2L, 6.5L and the Duramax 6600 diesel engines. The Diesel Page has been online since early 1996 - the longest running GM Diesel web site and bulletin board forum on the net.

We're here to help you maintain and repair your 6.2, 6.5 or Duramax diesel powered truck, find solutions for diesel fuel injection problems, increase performance, locate the best and least expensive parts sources, repair and upgrade the Chevrolet and GMC light-duty trucks, and we'll help improve your satisfaction in owning a General Motors 6.2L - 6.5L - 6.6L diesel powered light-truck. If your interest is in the Duramax 6600, we have the most comprehensive collection of new GM diesel pickup truck information found anywhere. Our membership program also helps each of us share a common interest and learn from each other.

What we know came from a wide variety of sources - including touring the DMAX and GEP (General Engine Products - aka AM General) engine production facilities located in Moraine (DMAX) and Franklin (GEP) Ohio, discussions with diesel mechanics from all across the U.S. and Canada, time spent in local performance engine rebuilding shops, more than two decades of communication with countless GM diesel owners, and continuous first-hand ownership experience with the 6.2L/6.5L diesel engines since 1986 - and the Duramax 6600 since December 2000.

This is not a General Motors Corporation web site, nor are we diesel mechanics. In addition to owning a series of GM diesel-equipped pickup trucks and SUVs since 1986, our qualifications come from a broad-based technical training, professional automotive writing and photography experience, and a desire to learn more about the GM diesel engines. This web site does not sell replacement parts or aftermarket performance products for your truck. Instead, we provide the most valuable and unbiased editorial found anywhere for the GM diesel pickups and SUVs.

The GM light-truck 6.2L and 6.5L diesel engines were optional in the 1982-2000 C/K series pickup trucks, and in the Suburban, Chevy Tahoe & Blazer, GMC Yukon & Jimmy, vans, and even in Class A motor homes (RV) - in both turbo diesel (TD) and naturally aspirated (NA) versions. In addition, low cost and ready availability have made these engines extremely popular the world over for diesel conversion projects; powering Land Rovers, Land Cruisers, and a host of other foreign and domestic production vehicles. In addition, the Duramax 6600 has proven itself flexible enough to be considered for a variety of repower projects.

Designed as a diesel engine from the ground up by the Detroit Diesel Division of General Motors, the original 6.2L diesel engine was introduced in the 1982 model year GMC and Chevy C/K pickup truck and full-size SUV lines. Taking this engine design to the next level in the 1992 model year, the new 6.5L diesel engine was an advancement in technology, and was designed for the application of a turbocharger. The 6.2L saw its final year of production in 1993. While the 6.5 was replaced by the Duramax 6600 beginning in the 2001 model-year Chevy and GMC pickup truck production, the 6.5L diesel engine continues to be manufactured and sold by AM General. AM General was the manufacturer of the civilian H1 Hummer and the current military HMMWV. Support for the 6.2/6.5 will continue to be a big part of The Diesel Page well into the future.

The Diesel Page has expanded coverage of GM's diesel engines since the introduction of the Duramax 6600, which is a result of a joint venture between Isuzu and the General Motors Corporation (forming DMAX Ltd.). We'll have all of the latest test reports and event coverage as that information becomes available for the LB7 / LLY / LBZ / LMM / LML Duramax 6600 diesel engines, as well as Allison 1000 series 5-speed & 6-speed automatic transmissions. Our professionally written product coverage and bulletin board discussion forum will have the latest information concerning the Duramax, as well as product reviews covering electronic upgrades such as chips, tuners, and programmers.

The following topics cover a wide range of subjects related to the General Motors and AM General 6.2/6.5/6.6 diesel engines. A lot of this information is available free of charge, but we hope you will take advantage of the many benefits a subscribing membership offers, and become a subscriber today using the online security provided by PayPal. Your membership is appreciated, and your support is essential to help keep The Diesel Page on-line. A 1-year membership includes access to all of the technical resource and troubleshooting links found in the Members Area. Thank you for visiting!

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